Thursday, 12 June 2014

Whole30® Thursday!

Welcome to another little blog series...Whole30® Thursday! If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I jumped head first into the Whole30® program starting on Monday of this week. This was quite a last-minute decision, after seeing Katie post about it on her Instagram a week or two ago. I was intrigued so did some research online and bam...decided to go for it!

Since falling ill with ME for a second time in October 2012, I have put on a fair bit of weight. Most of my clothes don't fit me. Looking in the mirror has become a horrible experience. I just don't like my body the way it is. I know, I know...when do women ever like their bodies?! But the point is, it actually upsets me. I don't feel like me. I've tried dieting a bit before but the problem is that with my illness, I need as much energy as I can get which means that half-starving myself is not a good idea. I love that Whole30® is not a diet. You never have to be hungry. And in fact, cutting out all the sugar and other rubbish might help my symptoms a bit. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about how much my body will change by the end of the 30 days as I know that it's different for everybody but either way it will be a good reset for my body, which I've pumped full of rubbish for a long time now.

My problem is, I LOVE FOOD. I look forward to eating. I always have to know what my next meal is going to be. And the worst is that I love all the bad stuff. Crisps, cake, Coke...all the naughties. So I'm looking to this program to help me not crave all that stuff all the time and to make better choices about what I eat and when.

I'm not going to lie...Whole30® isn't a breeze. You can eat meat, fruit, vegetables, eggs and nuts. That's pretty much eat. And seeing as I don't like fruit, it's pretty limiting. I figure it's going to be a character-building experience for me and I want to prove to myself that I do have self-control where food is concerned. But, on reflection, in the grand scheme of things going on in my life and the wider world, eating clean for 30 days isn't that hard. Also, two of my housemates decided to do it with me after I told them what I was planning and that definitely makes it easier. Just to have the support of people who knows what it's like to go into the supermarket and see chocolate chip muffins on offer and salivate at the sight of them without being able to give in to your craving is great!

So for today's first ever Whole30® Thursday post, I thought I'd share a couple of examples of some of the food that I've been eating over the past 4 days. I was so tempted to share everything I've eaten so far but seeing as I will probably end up repeating meals quite a lot in subsequent weeks, I thought I would save some for another time! (See my Instagram account if you want to see everything I've been eating!)


Fried egg, mushrooms & sweet potato hash | This breakfast was YUMMY. I love a good fried egg and mushrooms anyway so this seemed like a bit of a treat! The sweet potato hash was good...very sweet though. I find it a bit strange having things so sweet and savoury together! It was tasty though.

Raspberry and coconut egg 'muffins' | This was a bit of a Day 4 experiment as I was already getting a bit sick of eggs for breakfast. on earth am I going to deal with them for the next 26 days?! My main problem is my not liking fruit. On the first couple of days I did force some plain strawberries and raspberries down as a snack but I just didn't enjoy it. And I'm just not willing to eat things I don't want to on this program. But I do wish I liked fruit...breakfast would be so much easier! Anyway...I had a bit of a brainwave to make these raspberry muffin things. They were SO easy. Literally put 4 raspberries in each section of the muffin tin, whisked up some eggs and poured them on top of the raspberries, then sprinkled some organic, unsweetened shredded coconut on top. I have to say, they look better than they tasted! The raspberries just weren't sweet enough to take the savoury edge off the eggs. I might have another stab at it though...I want to try adding coconut milk and shredded coconut to the egg mixture to see if that makes it any better.

Lunch & dinner
My strategy for lunches has been to just cook double portions for dinner and have leftovers for lunch. It makes things SO much easier.

Cheat's Shepherd's Pie | This meal had eleven vegetables, you guys. ELEVEN. And oh my goodness, was it tasty?! This was actually my first Whole30® dinner and I felt I really lucked out! It filled me up and was super tasty!

Chilli and cauliflower 'rice' | Another tasty meal although I totally overdid it on the chilli powder. This was SUPER spicy! Definitely will regulate it a bit better next time! But again, tasty and filling, which is always a win in my books!


Strawberries | I tried to like them, I really did. I even made myself a cup of camomile tea to wash them down with but no...I still hate fruit.

DIY roasted nuts | YUM. That is all I'm going to say!

So, that's it for my first Whole30® Thursday! If you'd like the recipes for any of the things on here, leave me a comment or fill in the contact form and let me know! I'll try and include it in next week's post!

Happy Thursday!


  1. ME's a bit of a bleep isn't it. When mine came back with vengeance a couple of years ago I steadily put on too much weight. I reached breaking point around Christmas and signed up for Slimming World (so many friends and family have done so well on it) and have managed to loose just over a stone so far! Just on diet alone, let's face it ME doesn't exactly lend itself to full cardio workouts!

    1. That's such an amazing achievement! And so inspiring. It's always great to hear from other ME sufferers...nobody else 'gets it' in my experience! Am really struggling with the whole exercise thing too. At the moment, I'm even struggling to get my 10 minutes of daily yoga in, I'm so exhausted!