Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Travel album prep

Ok, so on my last post, I mentioned that I had been using some of the time that I've been off work ill to devote to starting a new project. I have to start by saying that this project is making me so so happy. I'm finally starting to work towards getting all my favourite photos from my travels into an album and I'm having so much fun with it! Last time, you probably saw that I'm using some Project Life goodies to put this album together. I love the simplicity of slipping photos and journaling cards into the pockets...this is going to save me so much time and it'll allow me to showcase lots of photos for each trip, which is great coz I have A LOT of photos! For the rest of my spreads, I've decided to change up my process a little bit compared to how I put together the Switzerland spread in my last post.

Photo editing | I'll continue using Photoshop elements to edit my photos with actions from Maggie Holmes (Colour Action Set) and MCP (Mini Fusion Action). I love the colour these actions bring out in my photos. I've also been experimenting using digital brushes and text on my photos. I am in love with the fact that I can include information directly on the photo to save having to type it on a journaling card. Sometimes a particular photo doesn't need oodles of journaling, but I often find myself painstakingly trying to think of more to say about it in order to fill up a journaling card (I don't like it when I have just a little bit of text on a card!). But then the journaling seems a bit forced and unnecessary. But this way, I can just give enough info directly on the photo and use the journaling cards when I have lots to say. At this point, it's just worth mentioning that there are a few people who I have learnt so much about this way of doing things from...I love the text on photos a la Ann-Marie Morris and Kelly Purkey, and the text paired with brushes a la Susan Weinroth. Talking of which, if you haven't checked out Susan's Project Life album, you really should...it is amazingly inspiring. She is all kinds of talented. I have definitely borrowed some elements from her album for my travel album spreads, e.g. mixing fonts on photos and heart brushes. So grateful to her for the inspiration :)

Photo printing | I've decided not to print my photos at home for this album. Like I said, there are SO MANY photos that will need to be printed and I found that printing all the ones for my Switzerland spread just zapped all my printer ink. So I'm going to edit all the photos in batches and send those batches off to be printed online somewhere. I'm thinking Snapfish, but I'm not entirely sure yet. 

Album prep | One thing I struggled with a bit on the Switzerland spread was working out how many photos I'd need in each orientation in order for them to all fit in the photo pocket pages...it took me quite a long time and lots of shuffling things around. So for the rest of my spreads, I'm using the Project Life digital templates over at Jessica Sprague (now available at ACDigitals) to organise my photos before sending them off to be printed. This allows me to edit my photos to fit the specific style of photo pocket pages I will be using for each spread and to make sure I'm leaving enough room for journaling cards and pretty filler cards. I cannot tell you how much time this has saved me...it's made it so easy for me. And it's super fun, too. This really has streamlined my process and it means that when my photos arrive, all I'll have to do is look back at my templates to see which pockets I need to slip them into, print my journaling and slip those in too. I'm also loving these grid templates from Design Editor. White, clean, minimalist...right up my street!

And now on to the photos...

I'm sharing the digital templates for a trip I took to the south of France I took a few years ago that included Nice, Cannes and Monaco (not part of my flying days but still worth going in the album). I have put in blank journaling cards, but I'll be typing journaling directly on to those when I get the photos back and start putting the physical layouts together. Also, some of the text on the photos is cut off...I think to fit them into the digital templates, they have to be sized slightly smaller than when you put the photos into the pockets, so I think it'll all work out fine for the real thing. I won't be rounding the corners of the photos either. I've come to accept a mixture of square and rounded corners...it's all good :)

Love that I can include so many of my photos from this trip. Makes me happy to see them all together like this :)

Come back next time for spreads for one of my NYC trips. (I think that section may end up being my favourite in the whole album...NYC makes my heart happy!)


  1. Great way to document so many photos, that´s why I prefer making mini´s too for travel photos.

  2. this is an amazing album! i love the subtle text overlays on the photos and the clean, simple feel your spreads have. great work! :)

  3. this is so cool!! i love how universal project life is & can be used for trips & such.

  4. Hi, I found you from Becky Higgins' blog, congratulations!
    These are gorgeous pages! I can highly recommend Photobox, they do all my non-profesional printing and I've found their colours to be accurate and the delivery is always super speedy!